Thursday, 23 February 2017
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Tripp Lite TLP1208TELTV review: Its outlets are packed tight, but it does everything else right

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Tripp Lite’s 12-outlet surge protector might lack a product name—model number TLP1208TELTV doesn’t exactly roll off one’s tongue—but it has nearly everything else. It’s your best bet for a surge protector that cuts power when its internal protection is exhausted, and it offers a relatively good outlet layout.
You want a surge protector that stops letting power flow when the internal protection can’t absorb a surge if you’re in an area or on an electrical system with regular surges or electrical strikes that cause voltage spikes, and you have a high degree of concern that you might experience damage before noticing the Protected light on your surge protector has gone out. If that’s the case and you have hard disk drives (HDDs) on attached computers rather than SSDs, or other hardware that could be damaged or corrupt data if the power is cut off, consider adding an uninterruptible power supply. A UPS comes with a back-up battery that can provide power long enough for you to shut the computer down in an organized fashion.

Belkin 12-outlet PivotPlug review: Clever design helps avoid blocked outlets

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This best-in-breed affordable surge protector continues to let power flow even after protection is exhausted. If you have equipment that could lose data or be damaged if powered down abruptly, including a desktop computer with a hard disk drive (HDD) rather than an SSD, Belkin’s 12-outlet PivotPlug (model number BP112230-08) is the right choice.
Its $33 price tag makes it one of the more expensive surge suppressors we’ve evaluated lately, but it’s also the most flexible and it has the highest joules rating (4320) and the lowest clamping voltage (330 volts on all legs).
More clamping requires adding MOVs () to increase joules, because it’s more likely surges will eat away at the protection when the voltage threshold is lower, and this model lists durability in joules at 40 to 50 percent higher than its two closest competitors that we've reviewed to date.

These banana oat muffins make a quick breakfast or snack

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This Feb. 15, 2017 photo shows banana oat muffins in Coronado, Calif. This dish is from a recipe by Melissa d'Arabian.


How to cover Tom Watson's dab on radio?

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How to cover deputy Labour leader Tom Watson's dab on radio? Here's how Today in Parliament did it.


The result in maps and charts

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How did the Leave camp clinch victory in the referendum on the UK's membership of the EU after what was a very closely fought contest?


So How DID Cannonball Survive Being Stabbed to Death?

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So How DID Cannonball Survive Being Stabbed to Death?
In their latest look at unresolved comic book stories, CSBG examines just how is it that Cannonball is still alive after being, well, stabbed to death

Nintendo Switch Dog Decal Funded On Kickstarter

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It didnt take long for the Switchs unique controller to get a life of its own, fans quickly realising it looks a bit like a dog. However, a Kickstarter has taken this one step further.

News: Saudia adds Riyadh departures to Manchester schedule

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Saudia has announced a twice weekly service from Manchester Airport to Riyadh. Launching on June 23rd, the service complements the current offer of five flights a week to Jeddah. Passengers can now fly direct to Saudi Arabia seven days a week.

Eating fruits and vegetables reduces lung disease risk

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Evidence is steadily mounting that diet can influence lung health. The latest study demonstrates a link between eating fruit and veg and reduced COPD risk.


Arrow Recap: Cupid, China White, & Liza Warner Stage a Prison Break

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Arrow Recap: Cupid, China White, & Liza Warner Stage a Prison Break
Susan Williams and the Task Force dig deeper into the connection between Mayor Queen and the Green Arrow.

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