Thursday, 23 February 2017
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So Wheres That GTA Online DLC?

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GTA 5 Cheats writes "Whatever Rockstar has planned for GTA Online, theyre keeping their lips sealed so far."


Router hacker suspect arrested at Luton Airport

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The "mastermind" behind a massive 2016 attack may face sabotage charges in Germany.


Ex-Comverse CEO who fled to Namibia faces U.S. fraud sentencing

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NEW YORK (Reuters) - The former chief executive officer of Comverse Technology Inc, who returned to the United States last year after spending a decade in Namibia to avoid prosecution, is scheduled to be sentenced on Thursday for engaging in securities fraud.

News: Koks brings first Michelin star to Faroe Islands

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Koks in the Faroe Islands has been awarded its first star by the Michelin Guide Nordic Countries 2017 – the first ever to be given to a Faroese restaurant.


Why AMD had to change the Zen name to Ryzen for its new chip architecture

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You know when AMD’s Ryzen is , how much it’ll cost, and you even have a pretty good idea of its . But you might not know why AMD dropped the original Zen name for Ryzen, so we asked. And it all begins with what AMD couldn’t do with the brand.
As John Taylor, corporate vice president of marketing for AMD, describes it, AMD was between a rock and a hard place. Mike Clark, an engineering fellow at AMD who led the Zen architecture development, had dubbed the architecture “Zen” for the balance it struck between various aspects of the design. Fans who had followed Zen’s development would buttonhole AMD execs and rave about the Zen name: “‘I love Zen...there’s something about it I’m just connecting with,’ they’d say,” Taylor said.

AmazonBasics 6-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip review: Very little protection

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We included this AmazonBasics model in our testing, because we wanted to see how a baseline, mostly old-style power strip with surge protection would work. The answer is: not well and we don’t recommend it for electronics of any kind. Its clamping voltage is too high, protection too low, and durability too short.
It’s almost a side note that the location and spacing of the outlets isn’t ideal for electronics. There’s one extra long gap at the strip’s end opposite the power switch, but I was only able to position four typical plugs among its six outlets.
To be fair, Amazon markets it at the top of its product page as for “small appliances, phones, and lamps,” but in the full description, Amazon says it “creates an important layer of defense, protecting electronic devices like hard drives against system crashes, data loss, and damage.”

Accell Poweramid surge protector review: Packs a lot in a small footprint

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When you’re on the road, in a hotel room, at a coffeeshop, in an airport, or in a conference or banquet room, the power outlets available often fall far short of what you need. The Accell 6-outlet Powramid has a cutesy name, but packs a wallop. With six outlets spaced at intervals around a circle, plus two high-speed USB charging ports, you can practically power an office. You’ll make a lot of friends when you plug this in.
The Powramid isn’t precisely portable. It’s just under 1.5 pounds and with the bulbous main unit plus the six-foot cord, so you won’t want to drop it into a laptop bag or a regular carry-on. But it is the kind of gadget you might throw into a car or in checked luggage if you’re routinely short of power or traveling with colleagues.

Ramos hurting but calm after Real Madrid´s Valencia setback

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Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos is remaining calm after LaLiga's leaders passed up the opportunity to tighten their grip on the title race. Early goals from Simone Zaza and Fabian Orellana fired Valencia to a 2-1 win over Zinedine Zidane's men on Wednesday, with Madrid unable to muster a second-half response after Cristiano Ronaldo reduced [...]


Jay Z to become first rapper inducted into Songwriters Hall of Fame

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"This is a win for us," he tweets after it's announced he's first rapper to join the Songwriters Hall of Fame.


Unbelievable scenes as Andorra fans celebrate first win after 86 games (VIDEO)

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Andorra beat San Marino to register their first win since October 2004. The triumph allowed them to end the longest winless streak in international football which lasted for 86 games, whereas their fourth-ever win in the first away triumph in their history. So imagine the scenes back home when Andorra clinched this ground-breaking win. The [...]

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