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See How Nintendos Official Case Puts The Switch In Tabletop Mode In Its Own Way

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The Nintendo Switch is a hugely versatile console, a machine that can basically transform itself to be used in not one, not two, but three separate form factors- a portable handheld console, a stationary TV console, and a tabletop console. And it looks like the official Nintendo licensed Switch carry case actually accommodates the tabletop mode in a really unique way.

Sorry Senator McCain, Approval Of Russia's President Putin Nearly Doubles

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Gallup poll shows that while Putin is view unfavorably by the vast majority of Americans, his approval rating has nearly doubled from 2015.

Researchers take broad look at stem cells

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Scientists have focused recent work on the study of and utility of adult-derived stem cells. The team put together the review after recognizing that the medical and general communities have limited knowledge about the various types of stem cells and how they could be used in medicine.

Neil Patrick Harris and Jimmy Fallon Play a Messy Game of Egg Russian Roulette

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Russian Roulette got extra dirty Wednesday night. Jimmy Fallon and Neil Patrick Harris put a spin on the life-or-death game on The Tonight Show, swapping guns for a combination of raw and...

Tech opens new war with Trump over transgender rights rollback

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Under the new policy, issued late Wednesday, the Justice and education departments jointly declared they had 'decided to withdraw and rescind' protections put in place by President Barack Obama.

MWC 17: What's coming, what's not, and what we really want to see

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After reading leaks, rumors, and tea leaves for months, Mobile World Congress is finally almost here. In just about a week, we’ll get a look at some of the most anticipated phones of the year; all of them vying for our attention with their dual cameras, skinny bezels, and big, beautiful screens.
And even with Samsung making us wait a little longer for the Galaxy S8, there will still be loads of phones, tablets, watches, and gadgets on display in Barcelona. But if you can’t wait until the big event, we’ve got everything you need to know right here.

What’s we know is coming


LG swung and missed with its , so it’s no surprise that it’s gone back to the drawing board with the G6. And from the looks of it, this time. While we’ll be losing one of the last phone lines that still had a removable battery, LG has opted to put a premium on design, with a glass-and-metal frame, tiny bezels, and a 5.7-inch Full Vision” Quad HD LCD screen. It’ll also be waterproof, come with a dual camera system, and feature a Quad digital-to-analog converter like the one found on the V20.

Best surge protector

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You only know for sure that you needed a surge protector after your equipment fries. Then it’s too late. For a very reasonable amount of money, you could put an almost literal firewall between your expensive (and cheap) electronics and the juice coming in from a wall socket. A surge protector throws itself into the line of fire, sacrificing its components again and again so that your devices stay functional.
These reviews are of surge protectors designed for a home office or cubicle, or a home-entertainment system. Such power mediators have a single function: keeping voltage from exceeding a certain rated level, beyond which equipment can blow a fuse, burn out its power supply, or completely fry its circuitry beyond repair. The surge protector takes a hit instead of your hardware or A/V system, and it could potentially save you hundreds to many thousands of dollars, depending on what you have connected.

APC SurgeArrest review: Very near the top of the pack

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APC is a long-time maker of electronics-protecting products, including uninterruptible power supplies. Its 11-outlet SurgeArrest has excellent build quality, a good outlet layout, and nice extras that put it nearly at the top of the pack. (APC sent us the slightly older, now-discontinued PF11VNT3 for review, which has an almost identical feature set and layout. A cable organizer is no longer part of the design.)
The surge protector runs five outlets for standard 2- and 3-prong plugs down the middle, and then on either side has three outlets perpendicular to the center plugs and widely spaced. I was able to attach six power adapters of varying sizes and five plugs down in the middle with only a little cramping.

What you need to know about flying with your dog

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Is it safe to put your dog on a plane?


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