Thursday, 23 February 2017
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Fifa 17: Its not about the Destination, but The Journey

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A look at how future Fifa games should build on what made The Journey so great.  EA are always looking for new features to include to make each Fifa game feel improved a

Dozy drivers pose big dilemma for next step in autonomous cars

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Should we build cars that let drivers relax most of the time? Soporific test drives are highlighting risks in the road map, says Jamais Cascio

'Greatest of All Time:' Is LeBron James The NBA MVP?

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LeBron James continues to play like an MVP contender in his 13th season. Should he be in consideration for the league MVP award this year?


Eleven-year-old root flaw found and patched in the Linux kernel

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Linux system administrators should be on the watch for kernel updates because they fix a local privilege escalation flaw that could lead to a full system compromise.
The vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2017-6074, is over 11 years old and was likely introduced in 2005 when the Linux kernel gained support for the Datagram Congestion Control Protocol (DCCP). It was discovered last week and was patched by the kernel developers on Friday.
The flaw can be exploited locally by using heap spraying techniques to execute arbitrary code inside the kernel, the most privileged part of the OS. Andrey Konovalov, the Google researcher who , plans to publish an exploit for it a few days.

Malaysia says embassy staff should assist if nothing to hide

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Malaysia's police chief said investigators want to question a North Korean embassy official about the death of the exiled half brother of Pyongyang's leader, saying he should cooperate if he has nothing to hide despite having diplomatic immunity

What is high lipoprotein(a), and should I be concerned?

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Elevations in a unusual form of cholesterol, called Lipoprotein(a) or Lp(a), as responsible for 1 in 14 heart attacks and 1 in 7 cases of aortic valve disease, research has found.

Pope suggests 'better to be atheist than hypocritical Catholic'

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Pope Francis delivered another criticism of some members of his own Church on Thursday, suggesting it is better to be an atheist than one of "many" Catholics who he said lead a hypocritical double life. Less than two months after his election, he said Christians should see atheists as good people if they do good.

This Year's 'Call Of Duty' Should Launch On The Nintendo Switch

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Activision has already announced that 2017's Call of Duty will go back to the series' roots, abandoning high-tech sci-fi trappings in favor of 'traditional' combat. That's great news. Now the video game publisher should surprise us with another announcement: That this year's entry in the popular first-person shooter franchise is coming to Nintendo's new console, the Switch.

In pictures

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Images of the historic day when millions of people across the UK voted in a referendum on whether the UK should remain in or leave the EU.


Five models for post-Brexit UK trade

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Norway, Switzerland, Canada or Singapore? What approach should the UK take to trade deals with the EU and others, once it leaves the European bloc?

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